What Are In-House Financing Car Dealers?

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In-house financing car dealers provide financing through the dealership, meaning you’ll make payments to them instead of the bank. Using in-house financing, purchasing a car near Fort Pierce is easier. Approval by the lender is still necessary, but this kind of at-home financing results in a better chance of approval at the end of the application process. Learn more about in-house financing here at Vatland CDJR before you apply for financing!

The Benefits of In-House Financing Cars

The major benefits of in-house financing include saving more over the life of your vehicle and getting behind the wheel faster. But there are other advantages to using this financing method, including:

  • Easier pre-approval
  • Extended warranties
  • Flexible interest rates
  • Higher credit score

Trying to build better credit or lengthen the original warranty on the vehicle you’re purchasing? Applying for in-house financing could be your answer. Fill out and submit your application, and you’ll be on the Palm Bay roads before you know it.

What to Watch Out For

Ensure your money goes to the right place before you sign on any dotted line. In particular, keep an eye out for scams by looking for the following tactics:

  • The dealer allows you to leave the lot before you agree on a payment term
  • The dealer says they have the “approval” of a manufacturer, but isn’t officially “manufacturer-approved”
  • The car dealer doesn’t report to a credit bureau
  • Your financing plan falls through, requiring an extra payment, or the dealer switches you to a higher interest rate than you agreed on

Finance with Vatland CDJR

Search “in-house financing car dealers near me” and you’ll quickly find your way to Vatland CDJR near Sebastian. That’s because, among in-house financing car lots, our easier pre-approval process gives you the keys to your new car even faster. We offer many new and pre-owned vehicle specials to make the purchase more affordable, along with information like what is a good interest rate on a car loan, if leasing a RAM 1500 is right for you, and reviews on the Jeep Compass to improve confidence in your purchase or lease decision. Learn more with our financing department – just contact us today!

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